A Wild Time, Week Four in the Time of Transition

A Wild Time, Week Four in the Time of Transition
May 23, 2021 by Janet Zinn

I was the only adult not accompanying children.  The bug carousel was my last stop before exiting the Bronx Zoo.  After walking the zoo and enjoying the animals and the respective information on wildlife conservation, I thought, ‘why not?’  Giving my inner child a treat seemed imperative.  Sometimes it just doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not.  

The Joy and Trepidation of Seeing Smiles, Week Three in the Time of Transition

The Joy and Trepidation of Seeing Smiles, Week Three in the Time of Transition
May 16, 2021 by Janet Zinn

I woke up early and ran to the East River promenade to get a glimpse of the sunrise.  I almost forgot my mask, but quickly put it in my pocket testing the waters of walking down the block without one.  No one was wearing masks but the few of us out were all at least 20 feet apart.  That felt comfortable enough for me.  

Complications of Mother's Day, Week Two in the Time of Transition

Complications of Mother's Day, Week Two in the Time of Transition
May 08, 2021 by Janet Zinn
As a mother and daughter, I find I have such mixed feelings about Mother’s Day.  Here is one day that’s been set aside to celebrate moms.  Yet, it has always felt fraught for me.  Growing up I created hand-made gifts for Mother’s Day.  Excited to present them to my mommy, I could feel her mixed disappointment at the poorly executed drawing or heart-shaped construction paper card.  Nonetheless, she displayed these child crafts on the refrigerator so that I could also feel her appreciation for my offerings, lack of craftiness, and all. 

Neither Here Nor There, Week One in the Time of Transition

Neither Here Nor There, Week One in the Time of Transition
May 02, 2021 by Janet Zinn

We are the lucky ones.  We have available vaccines that put us in a unique position.  We have entered a transitional time from living a life in a pandemic to moving to a new, not fully known, post-pandemic period.  So, here we are.  

Good Will, Week 59 in the Time of Coronavirus

Good Will, Week 59 in the Time of Coronavirus
Apr 25, 2021 by Janet Zinn
This past week I posted a birthday wish for my 22-year-old child on FaceBook. So many share the downside of social media. And, yes, there are downsides, nonetheless, my most recent experience has been one of kindness and care. In the past I’ve been reunited with friends near and far with whom I had lost touch. Some have since passed away. And, social media, namely FaceBook, gave us a chance to reconnect, reminding us of the moments that have shaped us.

Emotions Ebb & Flow, Week Twenty-Eight of the New Abnormal

Emotions Ebb & Flow, Week Twenty-Eight of the New Abnormal
Jul 10, 2022 by Janet Zinn

The cycling of moods continues.  Today I’m happy.  It’s beautiful outside.  I get to walk on fairly empty sidewalks, and I’m ticking things off my to-do list.  Earlier this week I was crestfallen.  Too many tragedies and so much shared pain in the world.  I find it fascinating how the ups and downs shift from day to day.  Well, really, from moment to moment.  

Individualism, Week 58 in the Time of Coronavirus

Apr 18, 2021 by Janet Zinn
I’ve been confused. I thought I knew myself. Instead, who I knew was a woman who was highly influenced by the world around me. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just wasn’t representative of the totality of me. We’ve all been there. Whether we’re enticed by a product commercial, or whether we want to join in on experiences with those who surround us, we make choices based on an outside influence. Sometimes this works to our advantage. I’ve visited beautiful places based on recommendations. I’ve also spent a good amount of money on things I didn’t need, and ultimately didn’t want.

Foggy, Week 57 in the Time of Coronavirus

Apr 11, 2021 by Janet Zinn
It’s foggy this morning.  How apropos for these times.  Our minds are foggy. Well, mine is.  By the end of any given day I have limited access to names and words.   If I want to relax in the evening, I’m challenged to remember one of a number of shows I enjoy watching.

Hello Again, Spring, Week 56 in the Time of Coronavirus

Apr 04, 2021 by Janet Zinn
This past week proved to be particularly challenging for so many of my clients, as well as friends and colleagues.  Walking through the city brings a needed brightness as the early signs of Spring appear.  The warm air feels fresh.  The cooler air keeps the parks emptier.  Either has its benefits.

How Are You? Week 55 in the Time of Coronavirus

Mar 28, 2021 by Janet Zinn
It’s a rainy Sunday, overcast and wet outside. I ventured out early to capture the sunrise on the East River, instead I was welcomed with grey clouds and mist. Beautiful in its subtly, but not as majestic as even a partially cloudy day. A day like today can be difficult for those going through hardships, the bereaved, the infirmed, caregivers, those suffering from mental illness, parents with young children, parents with older children, the lonely, and anyone else who is dealing with their own life struggles. One of the worst questions, yet most often asked is, “How are you?” How do we answer that in a pandemic?

Love & Hardship, Week 54 in the Time of Coronavirus

Mar 21, 2021 by Janet Zinn
Throughout this past week I heard how difficult the week was. We had all gone through a year milestone, but there would be no celebrating. How do we celebrate one year of a pandemic? We don’t. We hunker down, as we had for over 52 weeks, and trudge on. It has been recommended that when we feel particularly vulnerable that is the best time to incorporate a self-care and self-love practice. And, though I share self-care tips, all of which I either try or do on a regular basis, self-love and self-care can feel like ephemeral notions.

What a Year! Week 53 in the Time of Coronavirus

Mar 14, 2021 by Janet Zinn
I am befuddled. The last thing I need is an hour of lost sleep. And, yet, one less hour of living in a pandemic sounds pretty good. The common rationale for the perpetuation of daylight savings time is extended daylight. Sunlight has been invaluable to us these past twelve months. Sunrises, sunsets, and the shades of illumination while outdoors have provided medicinal assets in this time of Coronavirus. So, we will sacrifice an hour’s sleep for lighter days.

Oh, The Memories, Week 52 in the Time of Coronavirus

Oh, The Memories, Week 52 in the Time of Coronavirus
Mar 07, 2021 by Janet Zinn
This is the last week of a full year of social distancing and all that comes with it. Most of us are ready to finish this disruptive chapter and return to the activities we love. Yet, I imagine there will come of a time in the future when we will wax nostalgic for this time.

Insult to Injury, 2020 Taxes, Week 51 in the Time of Coronavirus

Feb 28, 2021 by Janet Zinn
I like scrambled eggs. They are soft and comforting. However, when my mind is scrambled I find no comfort in that. These past two weekends I’ve endeavored to do my taxes. Doing taxes in the time of Coronavirus is less than optimal. That said, I am going to take a nap. An afternoon siesta is not a usual practice, especially when slogging through last year’s numbers. In the past I’ve faced the forms down and I get through it, complaining while I add up sums and input data. Today is different. I don’t have the wherewithal. I’m having difficulty focusing. Taxes in a pandemic is another ridiculously compulsorily task we’re forced to endure.

Let's Be Real, Week 50 in the Time of Coronavirus

Feb 21, 2021 by Janet Zinn
As we approach a year in semi-lockdown we’ve been filled with powerful emotions. Social niceties often allude us as we exchange suspicious looks with masked strangers. We don’t have to dig deep to touch upon anxiety or aggravation. They are neatly placed on the surface of our emotional reservoirs. Our tolerance level has been masterfully challenged. And at times our sustained tolerance is losing ground. Well-wishers tout positivity. I am all for optimism. Heck, I write my blog with self-care tips. But when we’re on the edge, as we often find ourselves in this pandemic, the last thing we want to hear is how lucky we are.

Week 49, Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Feb 14, 2021 by Janet Zinn
I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.  In doing so, I am very aware that Valentine’s Day is loaded.  Maybe even more so in the pandemic.  Here in New York restaurants are now open for indoor dining.  Some will make it a romantic evening.  Some will fight because they have very different safety parameters.  Some will feel lonely as they have in years past.  Some will be uniquely solo in this Covid-19 year.

Ennui, Week 48 in the Time of Coronavirus

Feb 07, 2021 by Janet Zinn
Again and again I hear from others, “I’m so over this.” Of course, this refers to the pandemic and its related restrictions. Yes, we need to lessen the spread of Covid-19, yet that doesn’t mean we’re happy about what’s required.  Now, even with the spotty vaccine rollout, we are expected to buckle down more so with the presence of new strains, which, in turn, places new stressors on us.  With added stressors any energy we have burns quicker.  We are exhausted and might feel resentment, anger or woe.  This is what has happened in the daily grind without proper reprieves.

I am certainly dragging my feet.  Whether it’s writing this blog or cooking a meal, I lack whatever eagerness I had in past years.  I have no...

Pandemic Envy, Week 47 in the Time of Coronavirus

Jan 31, 2021 by Janet Zinn
Pandemic Envy, Week 47 in the Time of Coronavirus

We have become accustomed to the average pandemic envy like seeing those who prepare feasts as a way to get through this time of Coronavirus.  Many of us have felt jealousy for acquaintances in larger homes.  The more exhausted have longed for the energy cited in posts of new hobbies or accomplishments.  Some parents envy those with no children, or those with safe help for their families.  A number of people who feel alone have been envious of those who post happy couple or family portraits.  Individuals who feel trapped with their families begrudge others who they imagine live blissfully alone.  Now add to that the newer vaccine envy.

Without distractions I’m able to feel my emotions strongly.  Sometimes this...

You Never Know, Week 46 in the Time of Coronavirus

Jan 24, 2021 by Janet Zinn

Sometimes I find myself quick to judge.  I hear a whiny individual at a Zoom meeting, and I silently groan.  I also know that there have been times, and I chance to say there are still times, in which I am the one who warrants another’s groan.  In my more open-minded moments, I remember that everyone is trying the best they can.  We are all going through this pandemic, and there’s nothing easy about that.   But there are other times when my exhaustion and impatience take over and I am unforgiving of anyone who annoys me from the selfishly maskless to virtual-meeting squeaky wheels. 

Something I’ve noticed recently in my professional and personal life is how instantaneously we are to jump from one emotional state to...

What We Don't Know, Week 45 in the Time of Coronavirus

Jan 17, 2021 by Janet Zinn

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure that the judge I watched numerous times on Law and Order was Fran Lebowitz.  It looked like her, but was she a doppelganger, or was she, in fact, the writer?  After watching “Pretend it’s a City,” Martin Scorsese’s excellent (in my opinion) docu-series of Fran Lebowitz, I was happy to learn that, yes, it was her as Judge Janice Goldberg in the original Law & Order. 

The short series on Netflix was a delightful, laughter-filled escape from current events this past week.  I learned a lot, evaluated my own thinking, and admired FL’s ability to speak her personal truths, thoughts I often have, but don’t share aloud.  Somehow the cable show also had me pondering on the...