In the Time of Coronavirus: Reflecting on the Past to Embrace a Joyful Future

In the Time of Coronavirus

In the Time of Coronavirus
Reflecting on the Past to Embrace a Joyful Future
By Janet Zinn
Published by Atmosphere Press
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Amidst a tumult of fear and uncertainty, In the Time of Coronavirus emerges as a guiding beacon. Janet Zinn, a seasoned psychotherapist, takes you on a profound journey through the pandemic, weaving personal reflections with actionable self-care strategies. Drawing from her intimate blog posts dating back to the earliest days of COVID-19, Zinn's book is a testament to resilience.

This collection mirrors the collective struggles and triumphs of unprecedented times, offering a rich assortment of self-care techniques that resonate with readers from all walks of life. Each post, akin to a short chapter, pulses with the essence of a city-and a world-navigating the unknown.

Praise for In the Time of Coronavirus

"In her poignant collection of reflections and self-care strategies, In the Time of Coronavirus, Janet Zinn examines the tumultuous landscape of the pandemic with grace and wisdom. Through a series of intimate blog posts, Zinn invites readers into her world, where she faces the emotional challenges of life amidst uncertainty and fear. Zinn's narrative is a story of hope amid the chaos. She blends personal anecdotes with professional insight, giving readers a rich canvas of experiences and coping mechanisms. From the challenges of social distancing to the grief of losing loved ones, Zinn's words resonate with authenticity and compassion.

The book’s emphasis on self-care amidst adversity is one of the strengths of the narrative, and the author ensures that she provides tips on self-care at the end of each chapter. Zinn advocates for a compassionate approach to wellness, encouraging readers to prioritize mental and emotional health. Through exercises like meditation, body scans, and muscle relaxation, she offers practical tools for braving the storms of life with grace. Throughout the book, Zinn emphasizes the importance of embracing uncertainty and finding solace in small moments of joy. Whether it's a leisurely bike ride through Central Park or a mundane task like defrosting the office freezer, she reminds readers to cherish the simple pleasures that abound even in the darkest times. In the Time of Coronavirus explores a full spectrum of human emotions. From anger and frustration to gratitude and hope, the author offers powerful reflections about the pandemic, writing with honesty and unusual clarity and creating a space for readers to acknowledge their struggles and find strength in solidarity. This book might be about coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, but its wisdom is timeless, a message to accompany and inspire readers through any difficult moment. "
– The Book Commentary 

Paperback | 276 pages | 979-8891322141 | June 4, 2024