Praise for In the Time of Coronavirus

"In her poignant collection of reflections and self-care strategies, In the Time of Coronavirus, Janet Zinn examines the tumultuous landscape of the pandemic with grace and wisdom. Through a series of intimate blog posts, Zinn invites readers into her world, where she faces the emotional challenges of life amidst uncertainty and fear. Zinn's narrative is a story of hope amid the chaos. She blends personal anecdotes with professional insight, giving readers a rich canvas of experiences and coping mechanisms. From the challenges of social distancing to the grief of losing loved ones, Zinn's words resonate with authenticity and compassion.

The book’s emphasis on self-care amidst adversity is one of the strengths of the narrative, and the author ensures that she provides tips on self-care at the end of each chapter. Zinn advocates for a compassionate approach to wellness, encouraging readers to prioritize mental and emotional health. Through exercises like meditation, body scans, and muscle relaxation, she offers practical tools for braving the storms of life with grace. Throughout the book, Zinn emphasizes the importance of embracing uncertainty and finding solace in small moments of joy. Whether it's a leisurely bike ride through Central Park or a mundane task like defrosting the office freezer, she reminds readers to cherish the simple pleasures that abound even in the darkest times. In the Time of Coronavirus explores a full spectrum of human emotions. From anger and frustration to gratitude and hope, the author offers powerful reflections about the pandemic, writing with honesty and unusual clarity and creating a space for readers to acknowledge their struggles and find strength in solidarity. This book might be about coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, but its wisdom is timeless, a message to accompany and inspire readers through any difficult moment. "
– The Book Commentary 

"A beautiful time capsule of a soul-stirring pandemic

Uncertainty, fear, and distance were at an all time high during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the need for compassion and generosity, author and psychotherapist Janet Zinn started writing. 

From the foggy early moments of the pandemic to the monotonous months further in, this book details Zinn’s personal experiences—like how things have changed from her past—with insightful self-care tips and discussions on the landscape of this emotionally wrought time. 

It’s an open, raw look into Zinn’s journey during the pandemic, one that offers readers companionship. Despite the solitude of COVID, In the Time of Coronavirus is like a warm, comforting hug that reminds the reader that they have persevered. 

It’s delightful how fun and easy it is to follow these self-care tips. They’re included in every chapter and go well in conjunction with that chapter’s content. In one case, Zinn writes about how carefree her younger self used to be. Now as an adult, she’s filling up her to-do list without any breaks and becomes envious of her past freedom. But she reminds the reader, like she needs to remind herself, to play, dance, and throw out old spices. As pedestrian as it may initially seem, that advice really resonated with me. I hadn’t considered play as a way to take care of myself, but Zinn’s push for reconnecting with one’s inner child proved to be quite healing. 

Zinn is so honest with herself and with her readers. She never shies away from showing her unsavory moments, such as when she was frustrated that her husband got her a different spoon. She admits the pettiness. This book benefits from the authenticity of her experience. Readers who acted similarly but felt alone in their grief can find solace in Zinn’s writing. As Zinn says, “I am acutely aware of the luxury of getting angry at those we love.” 

The chapters also come with photographs. They’re all in grayscale and usually center on one subject or an empty, scenic place. It supplements the writing nicely and offers a look into the pandemic from Zinn’s lens. These photographs and events are preserved elegantly.

Some might want to forget and move on from the pandemic. That’s fine! This book is for those who are ready to heal. It’s an inspirational and thoughtful resource for that still-festering piece of us. It is packed with benevolent advice and provides a great way to cope with the things outside of your control. "
Independent Book Reviews