Psychotherapist and Consultant in Private Practice

You deserve to be heard. Psychotherapy is a place where you can express yourself. Where there’s no judgment. Where you create a path of self-acceptance, and build the life that supports the best in you.


It wasn’t easy to find someone who understands what it means living in the public eye. Janet got it right away. And I got the therapist I needed.
Janet helped me with debilitating anxiety. I can now deal with stress in a manageable way. 
I’m so glad I saw Janet for my eating disorder. I had no idea I could live a life free from restrictions.
After my mother died I didn’t know how to go on. Janet led the way in our weekly meetings.
Thanks to Janet I was able to switch careers, which has provided me with a gratifying second act. 
I was finally able to give a name to my feelings, PTSD.  Therapy with Janet Zinn was what I hoped therapy could be.  

Educational Training and Background

Janet has a B.A. in English from Rutger's University and a Masters in Social Work from New York University. Janet is committed to ongoing continuing education expanding her knowledge and skill set. Post-graduate work includes a one-year graduate training program at The Women's Therapy Centre Institute in Body Image and Eating Issues, where she later served on the faculty, Fordham University certificate in mentor supervising, additional trainings in post trauma, grief & loss; sex therapy supervision; Harvard post-graduate studies in mindfulness, Emotional Resolution Practitioner Training, among related mental health instruction.
Pronouns: she/her

Consulting History

Janet Zinn has combined her corporate background with her psychological training bringing applicable solutions to workplaces, creative communities, and other professional venues. She has produced seminars, workshops, and has led group discussions on a number of subjects that impact executives & employees. In addition, Janet was on the first response team after 9/11. This was followed by doing group and individual work post- catastrophic and/or traumatic events. She continues to specialize in trauma. Janet had designed and led programs at Fortune 100 companies, colleges and universities, small companies, large corporations, and non-profit organizations. The focus was on promoting personal and institutional well-being. She has coached CEOs, business owners and managers to work with employees in respectful ways, thus producing greater results. Janet coaches privately allowing clients to experience personal and professional successes.

More Info

Because this is not Janet Zinn's first career, she is able to use her varied history to tap into a great number of personal and professional experiences. This creates a unique empathy in sessions. Clients are comprised of adolescents and adults. Through the years, clients have come in to deal with depression, anxiety, divorce, the stress of being a caregiver, bereavement, life transitions, eating disorders, relationship problems, and difficult life circumstances, to name a few.
Janet has a varied private practice working with individuals, couples, families and groups on a number of levels.
She treats long-term clients who are working on core issues in their lives, who choose to reach deep emotional truths that illuminate and transform circumstances and/or situations that are not working for them anymore. This is arduous work that can be painful yet fulfilling.
Janet has a number of short-term clients who are working on a specific issue and are addressing that issue head-on so they may move forward in their lives.
Janet Zinn was featured as the series’ relationship counselor, on the Style Network's XOX Betsy Johnson.
High profile individuals and family members face a unique set of circumstances, which Janet addresses in her practice.
Coupled with that, there are families and individuals who are in crisis and seek counseling for a time-limited period. They are looking for assistance when confronted with losses such as divorce, death, illness, care-giving, or sudden change.
Janet has a specialization working with clients who are highly successful, yet find dissatisfaction in specific areas of their lives. Or, Janet will work with newly successful clients to expand their capacity to enjoy their good fortune.
Janet Zinn has also been quoted in The Sunday New York Times because of the work she does with couples and families prior to their weddings. Although the engagement has been traditionally seen as a happy time, it is more often fraught with unresolved family issues, or stressors that bring up new dynamics for the couple, and/or their family members. Janet works with these clients on a short-term basis to uncover new coping tools to ensure they go into their marriage with a healthy & loving foundation.
Janet has been quoted in The London Times, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, Web MD, and other online and print publications.

Private Practice

Tele-therapy, Virtual and In-office sessions
  • Individual Psychotherapy, Long-Term and/or Brief Treatment
  • Couples Counseling, including Pre-Wedding Sessions
  • Brief or Short-Term Therapy
  • Treatment for Anxiety & Depression
  • Life Transitions
  • ‚Ä®Imposter Syndrome
  • Trauma and Crisis Intervention
  • The Dilemmas Associated with Success
  • Societal Stressors
  • Emotional Resolution

Coaching and Consulting

Janet will conduct consultations virtually, in her discretely situated office, or a mutually agreed upon location. She has worked with High Profile Individuals, Public Figures, Managing Directors, Presidents of Companies, Partners, Corporate Elite, Departmental Directors, and employees on all levels. Here is a partial list of Janet’s expertise:
  • Success & Its Strains
  • The Obstacles of Having a High Profile
  • Taking the dysfunction out of the workplace
  • Crisis intervention following traumatic events
  • Going to the next level in work and in life
  • She is available as her schedule permits.
  • Mental Health consultant for a number of exclusive boutique hotels. Janet served as an on-site, independent consultant following bank robberies.
  • She provided ongoing mental health support to individuals and corporate clients post 9/11