Publishing Week, Week Twenty-Three in the No Longer New Abnormal


This Tuesday I become a published author with In the Time of Coronavirus, Reflecting on the Past to Embrace a Joyful Future.  To that end I am doing everything I know to do to promote this book, working to get it into stores, sites and libraries and into readers’ hands.  It is a daunting task.  I am overwhelmed, yet very excited.  

I am grateful to all of you who pre-ordered the book.  Not only does your support mean the world to me, but it also provides a small foothold into the publishing world.  Any reviews to Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other review outlets would be greatly appreciated.  I am not comfortable asking for your support, and yet, I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to say please and thank you.  

I am hopeful that the book will provide some support for its readers.  Given today and days ahead with much to accomplish, I am writing a short blog.  Wishing you a lovely weekend, and again, thank you.  

Self-Care Tips:

  • Take one small step towards a goal you desire.  We often think we have to accomplish so much, but each small step moves us closer to our goals.  Put one dollar away towards a major purchase.  Clean one small surface even if you have an entire home to clean, etc. 
  • Contact someone from your past to let them know what a difference they made in your life.  We often don’t let people know and then regret not saying something when it’s too late.  
  • Make a mental note or write it down if you like of at least one thing off the top of your head for which you’re grateful.  As for me, I am so grateful you’re reading this.