This is Not about Daylight Savings Time, Week Eleven of the No Longer New Abnormal


We can be shiny and perfect and admired, or we can be real and honest and ;vulnerable and loved. But we actually do have to choose Glennon Doyle Melton

I listen to Glennon’s podcast, “We Can Do Hard Things.”  On one of her podcasts she said that she used to worry that no one was listening to her.  Her audiences were small, her readership small.  But then she started seeing and hearing the few who were listening.  She realized that each person was important, not the number itself.  It was so meaningful to hear that.  I have taken it to heart.  

A couple of years ago I had an idea for a book on courage. I worked on it assiduously, but it needed more rewrites.  I took a break.  The first thing I was told while writing the first draft was to build a platform.  I was told if publishing companies would take me on as an unknown author they needed a large following from me.  I tried to expand my readership as a blogger.  I put out a few failed TikTok videos. I posted to most social media platforms.  I was pushing too hard and not sufficiently expanding at my slow pace. 

I’m no salesperson. Being an “influencer” requires a certain amount of salesmanship.   It’s a specific skill set that I lack.  In high school I tried sales, but it cost me more in gas than I ever made in earnings.  Now, even though I’m supposed to be building a platform, I, instead, am finding out more about my readers.  You matter.  I am so grateful for your likes, your comments, your writings, posts and shares.  I truly believe individuality outweighs crowds.  

I am no longer upset, as I was when I was younger, when a party was small. I sadly focused on those who didn’t come rather than the caring souls who attended.  That was a function of insecurity.   It took a long time for me to appreciate those who show up.  I can deal with small numbers of likes.  I can look at the list and appreciate each person who has generously given of his/her/their time and consideration.  My self-worth, our self-worth, is not how many people we connect with, but the quality of any and all connections.  

I don’t know how many books of my pandemic era blog posts I’ll sell.  I went with a hybrid press, Atmosphere Press, so I didn’t have to fully rely on my lack of sales acumen. They’d like me to sell a lot books, but it’s not a dealbreaker.  Instead, I can continue to value the individual over the many.  

I thank you for reading this, for being a part of my life, albeit, online, yet meaningful, nonetheless.  You have truly helped.  

Self-Care Tips:  

  • When you find that things didn’t turn out the way you expected, see if you can find the small gem in the new circumstances.  It may not compensate for what you had hoped for, but it can give you something you didn’t know you needed.  
  • Think small.  We often get overtaken by big numbers, big experiences.  When we can be in the moment, we feel alive in a very special way. 
  • We live in a time of feeling overwhelmed.  We can mitigate that by acknowledging what we have accomplished rather than focusing on what we think we have to get done.