Nature Speaks, The Forty-Sixth Week of the Second Year in the New Abnormal


Autumn colors fire up Central Park.  I had the good fortune of walking through the park on several occasions this past week.  I was reminded that this season represents the last of the foliage as the trees and plants prepare for the winter.  Following winter comes a renewal as Spring brings greenery and flowers to enjoy.  Just seeing the colorful trees brought hope. 

 I realized that whatever hardship I’m going through, whatever darkness we’re witnessing in the world, change is inevitable.  For that I am grateful.  

“This too shall pass” is a wonderful mantra.  The more we face adversity, the more important it is to remember that whatever we’re going through is temporary.  When we’re in the eye of the storm surviving may be our first priority.  But as we get through it, giving ourselves grace, meaning making room for our experiences, we come to know that there are subtle shifts that take place along the way.  

I remember many long drives on the weekends of my youth.  The six of us would crowd into the car.  My father was first to get in, my mother last. Sometimes my dad would move our Ford station wagon down the driveway to indicate that he was ready to go.  The car smelled of wet boxes and stale mints.  I liked the far back, looking into the rear window seeing where we just passed.  In the Autumn months I got bored on the roads with few signposts.  As my mother waxed poetic about the turning leaves, I was only taken by the deep red tree coverings.  

It was only years later in my adulthood that I could appreciate the beauty of Autumn’s majestic transformation.  And this past week the visual display shifted my perspective.  Simple gifts of nature make such a difference.  

Self-Care Tips:

  • When things are tough and you’re able to take it in, remember that “This too shall pass.”
  • Look around the natural world and breath in the gifts you see, hear or feel.  
  • Keep scents close by that induce calm.  I love vanilla, as well as my rose and almond oil hand soap.  How about you?