Week 49, Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Feb 14, 2021 by Janet Zinn
<p>I wish you a Happy Valentine&rsquo;s Day.&nbsp;&nbsp;In doing so, I am very aware that Valentine&rsquo;s Day is loaded.&nbsp;&nbsp;Maybe even more so in the pandemic.&nbsp;&nbsp;Here in New York restaurants are now open for indoor dining.&nbsp;&nbsp;Some will make it a romantic evening.&nbsp;&nbsp;Some will fight because they have very different safety parameters.&nbsp;&nbsp;Some will feel lonely as they have in years past.&nbsp;&nbsp;Some will be uniquely solo in this Covid-19 year.&nbsp;&nbsp;Many will measure others&rsquo; love by what attention they receive or don&rsquo;t receive today.&nbsp;&nbsp;And others will see it as just another Sunday.&nbsp;&nbsp;Whatever the case, Valentine&rsquo;s Day is signified by hearts, the social sign of love.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p>Love is a peculiar thing.&nbsp;&nbsp;We read about it, we say, &ldquo;I love you,&rdquo; we&rsquo;re told to love ourselves.&nbsp;&nbsp;And, yet love is not a measurable commodity.&nbsp;&nbsp;We have seen love take so many forms in the pandemic.&nbsp;&nbsp;My expression of love has been everything from open &amp; joyous to thorny and messy.&nbsp;&nbsp;My acceptance of other&rsquo;s love has been a balm at times.&nbsp;&nbsp;While other times I have been judgmental and closed-minded.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>