Insult to Injury, 2020 Taxes, Week 51 in the Time of Coronavirus

I like scrambled eggs. They are soft and comforting. However, when my mind is scrambled I find no comfort in that. These past two weekends I’ve endeavored to do my taxes. Doing taxes in the time of Coronavirus is less than optimal. That said, I am going to take a nap. An afternoon siesta is not a usual practice, especially when slogging through last year’s numbers. In the past I’ve faced the forms down and I get through it, complaining while I add up sums and input data. Today is different. I don’t have the wherewithal. I’m having difficulty focusing. Taxes in a pandemic is another ridiculously compulsorily task we’re forced to endure.

Nap completed and I’ve taken a brief refuge in writing this now. I see the calculator staring me down, so I’ll have to resume my taxes in a little while. When I do, I imagine I’ll go slowly. I’d love to rush through it. But having made mistakes in the past, I prefer slow and steady to the headache of a future audit.

Because it’s a rainy day I am less inclined to venture out, making this a theoretically perfect day for paperwork. But as far as I’m concerned, paperwork is a necessary evil, not a respectful task worth my time and energy. Taxes aren’t fun. At least that’s been my experience.

I didn’t always feel that way. There was a time a few decades ago when I was proud of my record keeping and my ability to have organized files. It wasn’t until I worked for others as a side hustle, helping with their bookkeeping, that I found out that I deluded myself with my organizational skills. My acumen with an adding machine was deeply flawed. I missed receipts and tabulated sums incorrectly. My false confidence was exposed.

I have no such confidence now. Nor do I wish to acquire it. I respect others who excel in bookkeeping and accounting. This is their season to shine. Kudos to them. I hope to complete my taxes in the next two weeks when I will send it off to our wonderful accountants. For now, though, I will go back to the numbers. And, I think I’ll have scrambled eggs for dinner to comfort me when I’m done for the day.

Self-care tips:
· Change up your routine. Try to do things differently for a fresh perspective.
· When going into an unwanted situation, place a few dabs of a scent you like on your wrists or other points, so you can take in the aroma when things get tough.
· When multi-tasking, see if there’s a way to focus in on one task and get some or all of it done before moving on to the next task. This gives you a better chance of having a sense of satisfaction with your work.
· Shred. It can feel great to get rid of old papers.
· Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about.