Happy May, Week Nineteen in the No Longer New Abnormal


I enjoyed a long walk in Riverside Park this weekend.  It’s been a few years, while in the darkest days of the pandemic, that I had visited the park by the Hudson River.  Spring is gracing New York City with colorful blooms.  On our sunnier days smiles are exchanged as strangers pass one another.  


May has begun with a variety of weather fronts, one day I put away my winter wear only to take it off the top shelves the very next day.  Though I am perplexed as to what to wear, I have no confusion when it comes to taking in the flowers and trees whenever I enter a park.  I may be chilly, but I’m warmed by the bright colors on my walks.  


I also find that after a day walking I sleep better.  Always a gift for these tired bones.  

Self-Care Tips:

  • For sleep, open your mouth wide and release your lower jaw to let go of any tension held in your jaw.  Follow it up with a smile as you take a breath.  Letting go on the stress will help to ease into sleep
  • Another sleep tip is to imagine your mattress, bed, or any sleeping surface is caressing you.  Allow all your weight to be held by your bed, sinking into the surface for a more relaxing experience before sleep comes.  
  • And, if you are having a hard time falling asleep try reading something that has put you to sleep in the past.  It’s usually something you should be reading, rather than something you want to read.  You can even check out audiobooks to put you to sleep if listening is better than trying to read late at night.