Private Practice

  • Individual Psychotherapy, Long-Term and/or Brief Treatment
  • Couples Counseling, including Pre-Wedding Sessions
  • Brief or Short-Term Therapy
  • Treatment for Anxiety & Depression
  • Life Transitions
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Crisis Intervention
  • The Dilemmas Associated with Success
  • Societal Stressors
  • Tipi

Coaching and Consulting

Janet will conduct consultations in her discretely situated office, or a mutually agreed upon location. She has worked with High Profile Individuals, Managing Directors, Presidents of Companies, Partners, Corporate Elite, Departmental Directors, and employees on all levels. Here is a partial list of Janet’s expertise:

  • Success & Its Strains
  • The Obstacles of Having a High Profile
  • Taking the dysfunction out of the workplace
  • Crisis intervention following traumatic events
  • Going to the next level in work and in life
  • Janet is a professional expert for all media platforms.
  • She is available as her schedule permits.
  • Mental Health consultant for a number of exclusive boutique hotels Janet served as an on-site, independent consultant following bank robberies.
  • She provided ongoing mental health support to individuals and corporate clients post 9/11