Mexico City, Week Sixteen in the No Longer New Abnormal

Apr 13, 2024 by Janet Zinn

Mexico City, Week Seventeen in the No Longer New Abnormal



Mexico City, what a vast and varied metropolis.  The weather is perfect, cool mornings and warm afternoons with the sun shining.  Though our time here is short, and I won’t have a chance to visit more than two museums, the Anthropology Museum and the Frida Kahlo House.  Two spectacular museums from very different eras.  I got lost in a large park yesterday enjoying the sculptures and the paths leading me out about a mile from my destination.  There’s something so fun about losing my way and finding new people and places to enjoy. 






The fruits and vegetables have been fresh and delicious. In fact most of the food here has been prepared with a love and pride of centuries of tradition.  Each neighborhood feels distinct, and each block can vary within any given neighborhood.  It is a spectacle for my eyes.




It also happens to be one of the most hospitable cities I’ve visited.  Going on vacation, especially when it’s been delayed, and being treated so well only adds to the specialness of this time away.  Though we still have much to see before we leave, I’m grateful to be here, so close to home yet worlds away. 











Self-Care Tips:

·      If and when you get lost, try to look for something unexpected that can add a bright note as you find your way back to where you want to be.

·      Be adventurous.  You don’t have to go away to stretch yourself by trying something new, whether it’s a new spice or a different genre of music than you usually listen to.

·      Find the humor.  It seems so many are having a hard time of it these days.  Any small amount of levity can lift up our spirits.