Happy New Year, The Thirty-Seventh Week of the Second Year in the New Abnormal

Sep 16, 2023 by Janet Zinn


It’s Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  The year is 5784.  Back in 5734, in my teens, I worried about my clothes.  Was I going to wear my new wool dress, or was the warm September day going to deem it irrelevant?  I knew it was going to be a long day of prayer followed by a huge family meal.  I went to Synagogue, but I did not feel at home in the dressy world of the fancy Schul.  I felt more at home in the down-to-earth synagogue of my friends.  But members paid dues, and there was no seat for me in their sanctuary.  



Over the years I’ve moved away from observing in a house of worship.  It can be a deeply meaningful experience for many, but I prefer to pray and meditate in private.  Nonetheless, I do wish my Jewish friends & family, friends or family of other beliefs, acquaintances, and readers, a year filled with freedom from suffering. I wish you peace.  I hope you enjoy a sweet New Year.  

Self-Care Tips:


  • Enjoy the sweetness of honey to remind you of the sweetness in life.  Tradition has us dipping slices of apple in honey, but feel free to create your own sweet reminder.  
  • Try releasing something that’s been hard to let go of.  It can be an item, or it can be an attitude.  This will create new space for some peace of mind.  
  • What does freedom from suffering look like to you?  Like me, does that mean inserting more kindness and forgiveness for myself and others?  Or does it mean taking an action that will allow for more ease?  Don’t suffer in making a choice, just choose the best course for you and see if it relieves suffering.