In the Time of Coronavirus

Oh, The Memories, Week 52 in the Time of Coronavirus

Mar 07, 2021 by Janet Zinn
This is the last week of a full year of social distancing and all that comes with it. Most of us are ready to finish this disruptive chapter and return to the activities we love. Yet, I imagine there will come of a time in the future when we will wax nostalgic for this time.

Insult to Injury, 2020 Taxes, Week 51 in the Time of Coronavirus

Feb 28, 2021 by Janet Zinn
I like scrambled eggs. They are soft and comforting. However, when my mind is scrambled I find no comfort in that. These past two weekends I’ve endeavored to do my taxes. Doing taxes in the time of Coronavirus is less than optimal. That said, I am going to take a nap. An afternoon siesta is not a usual practice, especially when slogging through last year’s numbers. In the past I’ve faced the forms down and I get through it, complaining while I add up sums and input data. Today is different. I don’t have the wherewithal. I’m having difficulty focusing. Taxes in a pandemic is another ridiculously compulsorily task we’re forced to endure.